Selected posters

Selected posters

The posters selected to be exhibited at the FRH Biennial Conference 2023 are:

Zeynep Aktüre, “Sustainable Religious Use of a World Heritage Site: A Long-Term Overview of Spatial Segregation at ‘Ephesus'”. Download.

Elisabeth Andersen , “Mapping invaluable items in Norwegian Churches“. Download.

Fredrik Berg, “The repurposed funeral chapels of Norway.” Download.

Owen Collins, “Building Resilience: Safeguarding Ecclesiastical Heritage in Wales”. Download.

Francesca Daprà, “The sustainable regeneration of the Italian parish ecclesiastical heritage: tools, methods, processes“. Download.

Ruth Dowson, “Sustainable eventization of religious heritage: practical considerations and learning from case studies“. Download.

Anna Dulska, ““No, nothing is leftthere”.The potentiality of religious Jewish heritagein Spain.Case study of the juderíaof Pamplona“. Download.

Joseph Elders, “Religioscape. Building a Digital Sanctuary“. Download.

Christos Antonios Kakalis, Neil Burford, Roxana Caplan & Oliver Spurr, “A Model for the Design of New Sustainable Ritual Ecologies“. Download.

Arpichart Kittimethaveenan, “The Holy Rosary Church Bangkok and its reflections towards the changing climate“. Download.

Wouter Kock, “Catholic monasteries as testing grounds for religious heritage sustainability“. Download.

Eva Langerak, “Re-use of churches in the Netherlands“. Download.

Nicoleta Mirza, “Implementing the Security By Design Concept in an Environmentally Sustainable Way“. Download.

Patricia Monteiro, “Resilience landmarks: the survival of rural hermitages in Alentejo“. Download.

Farhad Nazir, “Cultural Holism and Religious Dis – Integration: Content Analysis of the Incident of Buddha Statue of Jahanabad, Swat, Pakistan“. Download.

Francesco Novelli, “Bank foundations and reuse of religious architectural heritage in Italy: new challenges for sustainable regeneration“. Download.

Dijana Pita da Costa, “The transnational route paving the way for the sustainable local development“. Download.

Mara Popescu, “The cultural route of Saint Ladislaus“. Download.

Olga Psarri & Pelagia Spyridonidou, “A hub for the mind: Re-interpreting the role of religious heritage“. Download.

Caterina Ruscio, “Tourism andreligious traditional practices in historical religious sites: the case of the necropolis of Saint Peter in the Vatican“. Download.

Amra Šarančić Logo & Senada Demirović Habibija, “Cultural sustainability through rehabilitation of the mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina“. Download

Magdalena Soboń, “Analyzing impact of dynamic environmental variations on massive wooden cultural objects for the development of microclimate specifications for historic religious buildings“. Download.

Robin Talbot, “Historic churches and the challenges associated with reaching net-zero. Simulating comfort from local heating systems“. Download.

Rolando Volzone, “Religious Heritage Dynamics. A systematic assessment of Alentejo region (South of Portugal) as driver for a sustainable development“. Download.

Patty Wageman, “The School Church Groningen Historic Churches Foundation“. Download.