Run for Heritage

Run for Heritage

FRH Run for Heritage

The European Year of Youth is an amazing opportunity to engage young people across Europe in the promotion of our heritage. Run for Heritage is a unique initiative that encourages young people to be active while showing them the wonderful treasures of religious heritage that we have around us that often go overlooked. Do you join us?

Religious heritage is an important part not only of the history of the countries and regions but also of the present-day panorama, boosting the cultural, spiritual and even economic life of European regions. There are many formulas for this: rural tourism, exhibitions, performances, etc. And at FRH we have added  sport to this formula! The result: a run for heritage to get to know these historical buildings while having fun exercising outdoors.

Be part of Run for Heritage in your village or city!

Whether you are a member of the FRH network or not we invite you to make the most of this opportunity to promote religious heritage sites close to you by involving the youth and local community in a fun activity outdoors.

How to join?

  • find a group of active young people willing to participate in the campaign (school, high school, association, etc.)
  • select two or more religious heritage sites in your town/city
  • organise a run/bike for heritage between the various sites, informing FRH on the location and dates so we can promote at the European level
  • take pictures of the event and share with FRH

How does FRH support you? 

  • Providing draft T-shirt design in case participants want to print T-shirts or adapt the design
  • Sharing the event at the European level before it takes place
  • Communicating and disseminating the Run for Heritage event


We hope to see you soon running for heritage!

Help us spread the word!

Does this initiative sound fun to you? Then, help us spread the word! Check out our promo kit.