Training Modules

Training Modules

Training Modules

Cultural tourism in rural areas is an important part of local economies. However, professional qualification and communication strategies may not always compare to those found for cultural tourism in urban areas. The need for better training is obvious, both for voluntary and professional staff working in culture, tourism and all kind of service providers, such as accommodation, gastronomy, transportation, farms, cultural institutions, etc.

Stakeholders in culture and tourism are usually not trained to work together; they often “speak very different languages”. Cooperation is therefore key, especially when working in rural cultural institutions. Those stakeholders need good training materials in order to improve their skills in product development and marketing, in sales, financial planning, and overall business development.

The Multi-Lingual Training Course

In order to meet the above-mentioned training needs, the EUROPETOUR partnership has developed a set of eight modules, click here for the introduction on the modules, that cover the following topics:

M1 – Destination characterizationWhat makes ups a “destination” for cultural tourism areas? Read on to find an overview of strength & weaknesses, tourism policies, existing networks & support systems, and data analysis

M2 – Development and positioning of touristic products and servicesLearn how to reach and communicate with you target groups, how to locate your partners, and how to position yourself in your market

M3 – Marketing strategy and planning: Plan and evaluate your individual marketing strategy, and learn about all the important tools you need to know to build a successful strategy

M4 – Distribution and sales channels: Who are sales partners for your cultural tourism business in rural areas? Find out more by downloading this self-study training module on the Strategic Marketing Mix

M5 – Communication strategy and planning: Concerning PR, social media, press relations and data analysis

M6 – Networking and cooperation: Concerning identification of stakeholders and development of your network infrastructure

M7 – Financial planningFocussing on the access to funding, funding models and funding skills

M8 – Development of a business plan

The modules are currently being made available one by one in seven European languages. The languages available are English, German, Romanian, Italian, Bulgarian, Polish and Spanish. Click on the requested language to obtain the training modules. For English please refer to the links presented above.