FRH, a non-faith organisation open to all, brings together
those working to protect religious heritage across europe.

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Feedback please! We're taking a fresh look at our website church-finding tools. If you weren't looking for a specific church, how would you be most likely to research churches to visit?
If you say feature/age/style, a reply with examples of what you look for would be great. Thx!

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An excellent opportunity for understanding the economic impact of #culturalheritage. Deadline is September 14th, Check it out!

#religiousheritage #EuropeForCulture📣 Open Call!

Europe's cultural & creative sectors are strong & vibrant, but sufficient data is lacking to properly estimate their economic impact. This pilot aims to fill that gap, allowing us to help the industry reach its full potential! 💪
DL ⌛️ 14 Sep
Learn more and apply →!Xn38Jp
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