Conference’ speakers

Event hosts

Lilian Grootswagers – FRH Honorary Secretary of the Council

Marc de Beyer – Head of the Department for Cultural Heritage in Churches and Convents at Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht

Keynote speakers

Justin Kroesen (NL) – “Church interiors as ‘cultural time capsules’ – a brief European tour”

Oddbjørn Sørmoen (NO) – “Where do the religious objects belong?”

Mini presentations

Gabor Tàkacs (HU) – “The protection of religious movable heritage in Hungary”

Edwina Proudfoot (UK) – “Movable Religious Heritage Objects in Scotland – A Heritage at Risk”

Albert Reinstra (NL) – “Religious heritage on the move”

Lasse Jonas Bendtsen (DK) – “Church closings in Denmark – The Copenhagen Overture”

Giovanna Rech (IT) – “Volunteering in the religious heritage: from protection to valorization in north-eastern Italy”

Ruth Dowson (UK) – “The eventization of Moveable religious heritage objects: A case study on the Lindisfarne Gospels”

Parallel session 1: Theft and protection

Jose Antonio Falcao (PT) – A standpoint on the movable religious heritage in Portugal

Simon Kadijk (NL) – “Insurance does not protect against theft”

Peter Aiers (UK) – “Identifying, conserving and securing Movable Heritage in English Churches”

Parallel session 2: Raising awareness / interpretation

Bernd Janowski (DE) – “Open churches programme”

Eloy Koldeweij (NL) – “Church interiors: ensembles for church and society”

Valeria Minucciani (IT) – “Towards a ‘museography of religion’ “

Parallel session 3: Conservation of the fabric / collection management

René Hoppenbrouwers (NL) – “Safeguarding the unity of exterior and interior of church buildings in transformation”

Joakim Hansson (SE) – “Ecclesiastical furniture as a challenge for heritage preservation”

Jacques Des Rochers (CA) – “Translating Religious Heritage: Selection Issues at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts”


Crispin Truman (UK) – Moderator of the first day of plenary sessions

Geoffrey Hunter (UK) – Moderator Parallel Session 1: Conservation /Collection management

Jan Klinckaert (BE) – Moderator Parallel Session 2: Theft & Protection

Kaire Tooming (EE) – Moderator Parallel Session3: Raising Awareness

Tessa Luger (NL) – Senior researcher at the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands


Diane Conrad – Daubrach (CH), Independent historian/researcher

Olga Isabel Acosta Luna (CO), Postdoc in Berlin financed by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) on religion and museums in Berlin

Bernhard Brinkmann (NL), Owner Veilet, online auctions

Hanneke Nuijten (NL), Program leader Safely Heritage, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

Annemie van Dyck (BE), Head department registration and collection management, Centre for Religious Art and Culture Belgium

Edwina Proudfoot (UK), Chairs the Scottish Church Heritage Research

Hermine Pool (NL), Curator at the Biblical Museum Amsterdam

Brigitte Linksens (NL), Secretary of the The Association of Managers of Monumental church buildings in the Netherlands, together with Kathleen Nieuwenhuise

Brigitte Linksens (NL), Secretary of the The Association of Managers of Monumental church buildings in the Netherlands, together with Evelyne Verheggen