FRH works through its Committees and Projects

Development Committee

Chair: Olivier de Rohan

Committee members: Roseline de Carmoy (Friends), Robert Chatin (Friends), Christine Dupuis (Building Awareness), Lilian Grootswagers (Building Awareness, Institutional Fundraising), Michael Hoare (Institutional Fundraising, Treasurer), Philippe le Hodey (Friends), Sarah de Lencquesaing (Building Awareness; Friends)


  • Major donor and institutional fund-raising
  • Friends’ organisation
  • Building Awareness

Finance Committee

Chair: Michael Hoare (Treasurer)

Committee members: Robert Chatin, GiannaLia Cogliandro


  • Ensures that all financial transactions are properly recorded with suitable audit trails
  • Provides quarterly accounts
  • Project management review

Governance & Nominations Committee

Chair: Sarah de Lencquesaing (Nominations)

Committee members: Marc de Beyer, Jennie Hawks (Chair of Nominations), Michael Mail (Nominations)

Advisory members: Graham Bell, Uwe Otzen


  • Structural organisation
  • Maintenance of policy manual
  • Nominations to council and to committees

Networking Committee

Chair: Pilar Bahamonde, Mara Popescu

Committee members: Luca Baraldi, Marc de Beyer, Lilian Grootswagers, Michael Hoare, Lucy Hockley, Jan Jaspers, Sarah de Lencquesaing, Pance Velkov, Anneli Randla, Henrik Lindblad, Matthew Lloyd, Michael Mail, Marcus van der Meulen, Linda Monckton, Anneli Randla, Olivier de Rohan Chabot, Oddbjorn Sørmoen, Jacoline Takke


  • Identifies and develops relationships with organisations and individuals who support FRH’s objectives.
  • Organises formal and informal events and conferences.
  • Formulates cross-border projects

Operations Committee

Chair: Lilian Grootswagers

Committee members:

Operations and HR: Gianna Lia Cogliandro, Sarah de Lencquesaing

Communications: Jennie Hawks, Riccardo Palmerini, Eddie Tulasiewicz, Marcus van der Meulen


  • Allocates office resources
  • Manages and recruits staff, annual appraisals, respect of HR legislation
  • Administers volunteers
  • Ensures that essential tasks are carried out and that information is correctly recorded and readily retrievable
  • Manages a structured communication strategy, ensures names database is kept up to date and content corresponds to FRH principles and is factually verifiable.

Trends Committee

Chair: Thomas Coomans

Committee members: Henrik Lindblad, Linda Monckton, Luc Noppens


  • Reports on issues concerning religious heritage across Europe