Friends of FRH

The Friends of FRH / Les Amis de FRH is an association set up by La Fondation Roi Baudouin under the patronage of Philippe le Hodey and Roseline de Carmoy.

Its aims are to:
•        Promote a better understanding of the sector’s needs and advocate positive change
•        Promote FRH as the European federation of like-minded organisations
•        Provide a source of volunteer support
•        Attract donations and introduce FRH to major donors

Friends are invited to join FRH events, to meet its members, to explore the different issues facing the sector and to enjoy examples of Europe’s glorious religious heritage.

Friends of FRH welcomes anyone who wishes to support Europe’s religious heritage and organises activities so they can meet each other and learn about FRH’s projects and initiatives.

For further information on the Friends please contact
FRH’s office: