Sub-theme: Economic Sustainability of Religious Heritage

Christer Gustafsson: “Adaptive reuse of heritage as a resource for a sustainable future”. See slides.

Claire Walker: “National Churches Trust and the House of Good”. See slides.

Peter Palgut and David Raška: “Gothic Route of Slovakia: looking for common cause”. See slides.

Kateryna Zorya: “Religion on Fire. Monitoring damage to sites of religious heritage over the course of the Russian-Ukranian War”. See slides.

Ruth Dowson: “Sustainable eventization of religious heritage: practical considerations and learning from case studies”. See slides.

Sub-theme: Ecological Sustainability of Religious Heritage

Shaul Bassi: “Sustainable Ghetto? Jewish Venice in times of Climate Crisis”. See slides.

Silvia Aulet & Jennie Hawks: “Rural Cultural Heritage Landscape”. See slides.

Bogdan-Ilie Cocieru: “Ecological Sustainability of Religious Heritage at the eastern border of the European Union: Historical and ethnographic heritage – part of the sustainable development of tourism in Bukovina. HERITAGE”. See slides.

Helene Båtshake & Kristina Nilsson: “Children and heritage: how to use cemeteries as a place for knowledge, integration and democracy”. See slides.

Christos Kakalis and Neil Buford: “A Model for the Design of New Sustainable Ritual Ecologies”. See slides.

Sub-theme: Social Sustainability of Religious Heritage

Tharik Hussain: “Using Muslim Religious Heritage to Foster Social Sustainability as an Author, Travel Writer, Journalist and Heritage Activist'”. See slides.

Tom O’Dell & Lee Dallas: “Liv i kyrkan / Life in the Church”. See slides.

Olimpia Niglio: “Hidden “Christians in southern Japan. A social and religious experience over three centuries”. See slides.

Anne Grady: “Strengthening Cultural Heritage Resilience for Climate Change”. See slides.

Rolando Volzone: “Religious Heritage Dynamics. A systematic assessment of Alentejo region (South of Portugal) as a driver for a sustainable development”. See slides.

Samidha Pusalkar: “Young Voices in Heritage”. See slides.

Sub-theme: Cultural/Spiritual Sustainability of Religious Heritage

Jakub Nowakowski: “New Challenges – Old Solutions”. See slides.

Britta Roos: “Cultural heritage under threat – planning for crisis and conflict”. See slides.

Klas Grinell: “The universalistic soteriology of heritage”. See slides.

Matthias Ripp: “The Importance of Social Sustainability in Times of Dynamic Change Processes”. See slides.

Caterina Ruscio: “Tourism and religious traditional practices in historical religious sites: The case of the necropolis of Saint Peter in the Vatican”. See slides.