FRH Conference 2023 – European Sustainable Religious Heritage

FRH Conference 2023 – European Sustainable Religious Heritage

The FRH Biennial Conference is a high-level event that brings together members of the academia, policymakers, heritage practitioners and other relevant actors to analyse the current scenario of the religious heritage in Europe, discuss the latest developments and fuel a lively debate on the most pressing issues.

The next edition will take place in Lund, Sweden, on 20 and 21 April, followed by side visits on the 22nd. It will focus on sustainability, an issue of utmost relevance for cultural heritage as stated by the UNESCO and ICOMOS, and a priority objective on the political agenda of the European Union.

The conference will address various facets of sustainability grouped into four main thematic clusters:

  • Economic sustainability
  • Social sustainability
  • Ecological Sustainability
  • Spiritual and Cultural Sustainability

About the theme and approach

This conference aims to broaden the scope of the 2021 Biennial Conference in Barcelona and address issues such as challenges and opportunities for achieving sustainability, examples of good practices and initiatives, debates and practices in international, European, national and regional contexts, or sustainability awareness in religious heritage.

We will examine these issues not just from within the specific field of religious heritage, but also from an interdisciplinary perspective as they are common to many disciplines in the cultural heritage sector.



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