Face-to-face members’ meetings

Face-to-face members’ meetings

The face-to-face members’ meetings are organised on a regular basis exclusively for FRH members.  Their purpose is to enhance the role of our network as a platform where members can meet and network as well as exchange ideas, information, and good practices.

Upcoming f2f meetings

No upcoming meetings.

Previous f2f meeting

7 December 2022 (Online from Lithuania)

This online face-to-face meeting introduce participants to the excellent Lithuanian sacred heritage, in a session conducted by Darius Liutikas, President of the Community of Lithuanian Pilgrims.




17 November 2022 (Online from Portugal)

This online face-to-face meeting introduced participants to the fascinating monastic heritage of Portugal and to the latest developments of the Santa Cruz Research Project. The meeting featured researchers Catarina Almeida Marado (FRH member) and Rui Lobo from the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra (CES-UC).



29-30 September 2022 (Gotland, Sweden)

With exceptional history, excellent heritage and wonderful nature, the unique island of Gotland, in the middle of the Baltic Sea, was the location for the first FRH’s Face-to-Face meeting of 2022.The programme included a series of presentations and study visits in the medieval town of Visby, the capital of the island and an important enclave of the Hanseatic League.