Online face-to-face members’ meeting (Bucovina, Romania)

Online face-to-face members’ meeting (Bucovina, Romania)

FRH invites its members and those interested to a new online face-to-face meeting in which we will virtually discover the Bucovina region in Northeast Romania. The session will be conducted by our member and guest speaker, Carmen Chasovschi, from ADER – Association for Economic and Regional Development. With extensive experience in the field of tourism and cultural heritage, she will guide us through the distinctive landscape of Bukovina’s religious heritage and present some of the projects underway to preserve and promote it among both the local community and visitors.

The meeting will take place on 29 November at 13:00 CET.


Featured speaker

Carmen Chasovschi

Carmen Chasovschi graduated in tourism (1995) and has a PhD in Human Resources Management (2004). She has accumulated ten years of experience working for the German international technical cooperation agency GIZ as a project manager and expert in tourism, for countries from Central and East Europe. She is a professional facilitator (GIZ, USAID) and has a specialization in community-based tourism development, through participatory approach (Japan International Cooperation Agency). 

She was active as a researcher and trainer in several projects in the field of tourism, entrepreneurship, human resources development and has published more than 50 scientific books and papers. She is the director of the Center of Research and Competences in Tourism (CERC Tour) at University Stefan cel Mare from Suceava (Romania), where is working as associate professor.

Carmen is president of the ADER NGO, member of the national certification board of the Romanian Association for Ecotourism and member in the regional UNESCO Organization Committee, representing the civil society. She is volunteering for the project Save Bucovina Village, that has as aim the innovative upcycling of the old traditional buildings of Bucovina Area and the preservation of the build heritage and cultural landscape.

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