Online face-to-face members’ meeting (Lithuania)

Online face-to-face members’ meeting (Lithuania)

This online face-to-face meeting will provide an introduction to the excellent Lithuanian sacred heritage, delving into aspects such as the change in its number over recent history, the main structural elements of this heritage and the distribution of artistic and symbolic environments in Lithuania. Darius Liutikas, President of the Community of Lithuanian Pilgrims, will conduct the session.

The meeting will take place on 7 December at 13:00 CET.

Featured speaker

Dr. Darius Liutikas
Dr. Darius Liutikas has been a Chairman of the Community of Lithuanian Pilgrims since 2004 ( He is also a senior scientific researcher at the Lithuanian Centre for Social Sciences in Vilnius. Research interests include modern and traditional pilgrimage, sociology of tourism, cultural tourism and cultural heritage, sacred places and sacred spaces, and geography of religions. He has published more than 50 articles in Lithuanian and international academic journals. He has prepared and published 6 books in Lithuanian and English languages. He initiated and coordinated different projects on pilgrimage, religious tourism and cultural heritage. His most recent book, of which he is the editor, is “Pilgrims: Values and Identities” (2021, CAB International). He was the main organizer of the 13th Annual International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Conference in 2022 in Vilnius.

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