Online F2F | Pre-conference discussion and policy paper recommendations

Online F2F | Pre-conference discussion and policy paper recommendations

This online face-to-face meeting will give FRH members the opportunity to participate in an open exchange on the sustainability of religious heritage and contribute to the Policy Paper that FRH will present as a conclusion of the Biennial Conference 2023.

As was done for the Barcelona Conference with the 10 key findings, FRH intends to draw up a set of recommendations for policymakers and European society on religious heritage. This year’s Policy Paper will focus on sustainability, providing recommendations on how to engage communities, how different stakeholders can coordinate to produce policies or how to foster the cultural/spiritual sustainability of historic places of worship.

The session will include the participation of Susanne Urban, Co-Chair of the FRH Conference Committee, who will introduce participants to the Policy Paper and the way FRH is working on its preparation.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  • Overview of the FRH Biennial Conference programme
  • Introduction to the Policy Paper
  • Open exchange among participants
  • Summary of the session and Q&A

We look forward to your valuable contributions!

These meetings are organised exclusively for FRH members and present an excellent opportunity to meet and network with other member organisations and individuals. Interested in becoming part of the network? Join us here.

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