“Continuity in Function or Use” – Barcelona, Spain

“Continuity in Function or Use” – Barcelona, Spain

“Continuity in Function or Use”, the first hybrid event of our FRH Biennial Conference “Europe’s Living Religious Heritage” took place at the MACBA Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, Spain on 28 May 2021.

It featured a panel of experts, moderated by FRH Council Member, Justin Kroesen as well as a mix of live and recorded video presentations from distinguished guests and FRH members.

The Agenda of the conference is as follows:


5:34 video on FRH

7:39 Welcome from FRH President, Pilar G. Bahamonde

22:04 Working Group A: “Continuity in Function or Use”

28:49 An Introduction to Living Heritage and Continuity with Nigel Walter and Ioannis Poulios

51:24 The Garmerwolde Schoolkerk project with Patty Wageman

1:07:31 New European Bauhaus with Alessandro Rancati

1:24:44 “Religious Sites and Their Future Use – The Case of Cyprus” with Thorsten Kruse

1:39:42 SKIVRE (Skills Development for the Valorisation of European Religious Heritage)

1:46:59 Winners of the Jump for Heritage Photo Competition with Sebastian Alvaro

1:55:00 Abbey of Montserrat Boys Choir

2:00:00 END


  • Sebastian Alvaro – Mountaineer and Social Media Influencer
  • Silvia Aulet – University of Girona
  • Pilar Bahamonde – FRH President
  • Chiara Curti – Architect and FRH Member
  • Justin Kroesen – FRH Council Member
  • Thorsten Kruse – University of Münster
  • Henrik Lindblad – FRH Council Member
  • Ioannis Poulios – Ahmedabad University
  • Alessandro Rancati – European Commission Joint Research Committee (JRC)
  • Marc Sureda – Catalonia Sacra
  • Patty Wageman – Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken
  • Nigel Walter – University of York