“Continuity in Care and Safeguarding” – Brussels, Belgium

“Continuity in Care and Safeguarding” – Brussels, Belgium

Continuity in Care and Safeguarding” was the final hybrid event of our FRH Biennial Conference “Europe’s Living Religious Heritage”. It took place in Brussels, Belgium on Friday, 26 November 2021.

It featured a panel discussion of experts in the field of religious heritage including Madina Benvenuti, Founder and Managing Director of Mad’in Europe and Jan Jaspers, former director of PARCUM and was hosted by Lilian Grootswagers, president of the FRH Advisory Board. It also included a mix of live and recorded video presentations from distinguished guests and FRH members.

Download the document “FRH’s 10 Findings on the Importance of Religious Heritage” here. 

0:00:00 FRH Introduction Video
0:02:04 Welcome by FRH President, Pilar Bahamonde

Maintenance and Conservation: A Sustainable and Secure Future
0:10:20 Presentation of Legislation on Cultural Policies by Sofia Laurin
0:17:20 Presentation of Activities by Monumentenwacht
0:25:49 “Cultural Heritage and Conservation” by Students of the Estonian Academy of the Arts

Protection and Preservation of Artefacts
0:38:28 Religious Heritage as a Source of Inspiration and an Invitation to Dialogue for Everyone by Liesbet Kusters
0:45:20 Caring for the Mystic Lamb of Ghent by Canon Ludo Collin

Retention and Reuse of Religious Buildings
1:01:30 Presentation of Abstract “Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage – Risk Assessment and Planning of Prevention and Regeneration” by Andrea Longhi
1:03:52 Presentation of Abstract “The Safety Net” by Rachel Morley

1:21:59 Conclusion of Working Group D by Jennie Hawks
1:26:52 Presentation of FRH’s 10 Key Findings on the Importance of Religious Heritage from Pilar Bahamonde to Catherine Magnant
1:34:52 Closing remarks
1:37:20 Presentation of the Pipe Organ in Suriname by Het Orgel in Vlaanderen
1:39:24 “Al die daar zegt de reus die komt” by Paul de Maeyer