“Continuity in Community Connection and Dialogue” – Bologna, Italy

“Continuity in Community Connection and Dialogue” – Bologna, Italy

“Continuity in Community Connection and Dialogue” is the second of four hybrid events of our FRH Biennial Conference “Europe’s Living Religious Heritage”. It will take place in Bologna, Italy on 24 September from 15:00 – 17:00 CET.

It will feature a panel discussion of experts in the field of religious heritage, the presentation of the output of our Pre-conference Working Group B, as well as a mix of live and recorded video presentations from distinguished guests and FRH members. More information coming soon.

The Agenda of the conference is as follows:

0:00:00 FRH Introduction Video

0:02:13 Welcome from FRH President, Pilar G. Bahamonde

0:14:30 KOR Project and the Creative Reuse of Dismissed Churches in Italy with Aldo Buzio

0:24:45 Working Group B: “Continuity in Community Connection and Dialogue”

0:33:47 CLI LAB and the Relation Between Religious Communities and Projects: Boundaries of Participation with Valerio Pennasso and Alessandro Bellini

0:48:13 Religious Heritage as Common Goods: Ethics of Participation with Francesca Giani

0:54:16 Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage and New Strategies of Community Participation for Its Reuse in Italy with Davide Dimodugno

1:24:28 Convento di Campo: a Participatory Process for a Dismissed Monastery with Davide Fusari

1:34:00 Applied Cultural Analysis of the Use of Sacred Space with Ida Scharla Løjrnand and Anna Ode

1:40:37 VIRKET with Heikki Ranta

1:49:18 Adding Soul to Jewish Heritage: Ancient Jewish Cemeteries in Spain with Dominique Tomasov

2:22:03 Presentation of FRH Inform

2:26:28 END