Jump For Heritage

Jump For Heritage

In these challenging times of Covid-19, we have all been hit hard as lifestyles and daily programs have changed immensely.  Two of the hardest-hit sectors are that of sports and heritage, yet both are an important contributor to the overall health of a society. Outdoor sports and a good laugh have been shown to improve health by reducing stress and mental fatigue. Our digital world offers opportunities for innovative solutions to these problems.  This is why we at FRH are initiating our campaign #JUMPFORHERITAGE on 15 December which will unite sports, heritage, health, fun and awareness to bring joyful moments while showcasing Europe’s rich religious heritage.

Taking place from 15 December until 15 March, participants can join this campaign by capturing a joyful moment in front of a religious heritage site and sharing it with the hashtag #JUMPFORHERITAGE. This can be done either individually or in a group, as long as the laws and regulations are respected.  When sharing the photo on social media, they should also indicate the place, country, and why they chose this site. We also offer the opportunity to participate in the #JUMPFORHERITAGE photo contest by submitting the photo to us on our website. Winners will be invited to participate in FRH’s Biennial Conference in Barcelona in May 2021.

While COVID-19 has created many challenges, it has also presented many new opportunities, particularly in the digital sphere. #JUMPFORHERITAGE is one of these opportunities. Taking place on social media, we will be aided by a number of sports influencers and sports organisations. Through uniting the sports and heritage sectors, we will show that heritage is not something exclusive, but something open for everyone.

If you would like to support this campaign, this can be done in a number of ways. These are the ways to do it:

  • Participate! #JUMPFORHERITAGE is open to everyone of all ages, religions, and nationalities. With your organisation, family, friends, or by yourself, find a religious heritage site that you would like to showcase and share with us your moment of joy.
  • Spread the word. We would like to see every European from large urban centres to small rural villages sharing a moment of joy while showcasing their religious heritage. Help us by going out to sports clubs, heritage organisations, schools, or anyone in your network and asking them to get up, get out, and jump for heritage.

This initiative is part of the larger legacy of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage. During this year, FRH successfully organised the campaign FRH Torch of Heritage and Culture which saw a “torch” travel between different communities across Europe and bring attention to religious heritage sites.  The following year another campaign Run for Heritage was organised for young people running between their city’s religious heritage sites. This campaign, unfortunately, cannot happen, due to COVID-19, so in 2021 we offer #JUMPFORHERITAGE.

After a difficult year of being stuck indoors, let’s get people out and moving again in 2021 by jumping for heritage!

The campaign launches on 15 December. More detailed information can be found here.

Informative flyers available in EnglishDutchGermanGreekItalianRussianSpanishFrenchRomanianCroatian

Download our campaign banner here.





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