FRH Conference 2021 – Europe’s Living Religious Heritage

FRH Conference 2021 – Europe’s Living Religious Heritage

Whether it is used as a place of worship, as a resource for community development, as a space for cultural expression, Europe’s religious heritage deserves our full attention and dedication to its sustainable preservation for communities throughout Europe.

Who: Future for Religious Heritage (FRH)/ non-profit, non-religious organisation, public and private institutions, EU institutions, academics, experts in the field of religious and cultural heritage

What: FRH biennial conference

When: From 27-28 May 2021

Where: Barcelona, Spain

The need of religious heritage is being questioned as Europe encounters changes in society, worship and population. But Europe’s religious heritage is a living heritage that can be put at the service of communities – the 500,000 churches, chapels, synagogues, mosques, cathedrals, monasteries, convents; are places that can be invested by cultural, civic and artistic activities.

The FRH Biennial Conference, in Barcelona, Spain, from 27th to 28th May 2021, aims to stimulate a real debate on the usage of these magnificent buildings and to discuss the range of uses available for this heritage and their practical application.

The conference will examine issues such as the traditional use of the sites and its compatibility with the opening of the sites to the general public. It will address the case of ‘Heritage for All’, or the potential for inclusiveness of religious monuments and the adaptations this implies for this heritage. It will underline the importance of an inter-religious dialogue of knowledge for a better reuse of a heritage marked by its primary religious use. Finally, a light will be shed on the ‘museumisation’ of religious heritage, an interesting model in many ways for publicising the treasures of religious monuments.


Leading experts from the public sector, private sector, European institutions, academia and civil society organisations will be addressing the conference.

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