UK – Training event on managing major building projects in places of worship

21 February 2013, in Cheshire, England

The day deals with the management of all stages of a building project in a place of worship, from start up through to making sure benefits are achieved over the long term. Anyone involved in such an undertaking, of whatever size, will find it invaluable.

Organised by the HRBA (Historic Religious Buildings Alliance. For more info: The Historic Religious Buildings Alliance – News.

CZECH REPUBLIC – Zachraňme dominanty – Save the dominants

The main aim of the initiative Zachranme Dominanty is to create and strengthen relationships between Czech citizens and their sacral heritage.

The initiative is to help build long lasting links, which would help to protect redundant and endangered churches in the Czech Republic. To promote their aims, the initiative Znicene dominanty prepared a travelling exhibition ´Shall we leave it like that?´ available to all the local initiatives trying to preserve and protect Czech religious heritage. The exhibition has been created in four different versions and helps local initiatives to promote the importance of their activities as well as share their experience with maintenance and conservation of these buildings.

For more information please visit the website in Czech:

SLOVAKIA – Exhibition: Medieval wall paintings in Svinica

This travelling exhibition of medieval wall paintings first opened in January 2000 in the EU headquarters in Strasbourg opened in the Romanesque – Gothic church in Svinica, Slovakia. An exhibition was organised within the European Heritage Days and as a part of the celebration of the 725th first written record of the village. It was organised by Museum Institute Bratislava and the National Monument Board of Hungary and already presented in Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Munich and Kosice.

For more information about the exhibition please visit:

For pictures and more information:

ITALY – “Here, you no longer pray” redundant religious heritage buildings in Italy.

“We do not know their number. Nobody, not the Church nor cultural institutions, have made an inventory. But they are probably thousands, from north to south of Italy, these de-consecrated places of worship that were sold to the highest bidder. Here they’ve made a bar, there a country house; here an artist’s studio, there a garage, add a bank office, a reception room, a library. A scent of incense seems to hover, as the Mass just ended, the spirit (holy?) of the place floating between the walls.”
[Open interpretation]

“On ne connaît pas leur nombre. Personne, ni l’Eglise ni les institutions culturelles, n’a pensé à les recenser. Mais ils sont probablement des milliers, du nord au sud de l’Italie, ces lieux de culte déconsacrés vendus au mieux offrant. Ici on en a fait un bar, là une maison de campagne ; ici un atelier d’artiste, là un garage ; ailleurs un siège de banque, une salle de réception, une bibliothèque. Il semble y planer encore comme un parfum d’encens, comme si, la messe finie, l’esprit (saint ?) des lieux flottait entre les murs.”

via Ici, on ne prie plus.

UK – Scottish Pilgrim Journeys

Website launches on 30 November 2012!

Scotland’s Pilgrim Journeys bring together the travels of Scotland’s Celtic Saints and Medieval traditions of pilgrimage with modern faith journeys.

In time a network of Pilgrim Journeys will crisscross the whole of Scotland, encompassing many local routes and sites. Scotland’s network is part of a growing international renaissance of pilgrimage connecting us with the islands of Britain and Ireland, with Europe and with other continents.

You can follow the Journeys by road transport, by bicycle, and by walking the parts where safe paths are available. Each Journey is divided into meaningful stages which enables different parts to be enjoyed in different ways, as your time and choices allow. Each stage also has its own interpretative themes which can be followed in either direction, by simply reversing the route information.

via Pilgrim Journeys.

UK – London churches: a serene refuge from Christmas shopping – Telegraph

“Even for the non-religious, a church is that rare thing in 21st-century London, a non-commercial public space, somewhere you can sit and think for a moment: a perfect break at this time of year. So if you’re planning a Christmas shopping foray to Oxford Street or Covent Garden, Canary Wharf, Spitalfields Market or the King’s Road, take a break from the scrum and schmaltz to explore one of these four historic churches. All, bar St Bartholomew the Great, are free to enter, but please donate.”

via London churches: a serene refuge from Christmas shopping – Telegraph.

KOSOVO – A step forward in cultural, religious heritage

A special Kosovo Police unit, comprised of mainly Serbs, has been proposed to guard the Serbian religious and cultural sites in Kosovo, Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said on Monday (November 12th). Briefing his cabinet on his meeting last week in Brussels with the Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic, Thaci outlined the plan.

“In the capacity of Kosovo institutions, we offered additional protection. I proposed the forming of a special unit in the multi-ethnic Kosovo police, which would be charged with the protection of cultural and religious heritage sites,” Thaci said.

via A step forward in cultural, religious heritage (

SPAIN – Conference on conservation of mosaics, entitled “The restoration of the mosaic of the Transfiguration in the Monastery of St. Catherine in Sinai”

December 13 in the auditorium of the IPCE, with Roberto Nardi

Roberto Nardi is an archaeologist from the University of Rome, and conservative restorative archaeological material forthe Istituto Centrale per il Restauro. In 1982 he founded the Center for Archaeological Conservation, a private company involved in numerous public projects in the field of conservation of monuments and archaeological sites. Since then, he has directed 50 projects and provided training in 14 countries.

Attendance at this conference does not require pre-registration. Follow the link below to contact the organisers for more details.

Buzón de contacto de la Secretaría de Estado de Cultura.

UK – Event: Church Buildings | Ripon and Leeds

Saturday 8th December 2012, 10-4

St George’s Centre, Great George Street, Leeds. LS1 3BR

Ticket Price £10 including lunch

The day includes Keynote speech from Maggie Durran (author and church development consultant), case studies and practical ideas and workshops from how to fund a youth project to shrinking the carbon footprint of your church building.

via Church Buildings | Ripon and Leeds.