Svenska Kyrkan (The Church of Sweden)

Svenska Kyrkan (The Church of Sweden)


The Church of Sweden is a national church, open to everyone living in Sweden, it is a place for church services, meetings, and dialogue.The Church of Sweden is part of the global fellowship of churches, with a close relationship to other churches around the world. It is active in the World Council of Churches, the Lutheran World Federation, the Conference of European Churches, and the Christian Council of Sweden.



Between their main activities, they have a research department, that conducts strategic research in close collaborations with universities and other higher education institutions in Sweden and abroad.  They publish research documents and give lectures and themed seminars.  Additionally, They arrange seminars for people working on research within the Church of Sweden.  They also conduct research in collaboration with universities and other higher education institutes.  The central church office also has an analysis unit where they analyze the Church of Sweden’s business statistics and other sociological studies.


Another of their activities is called the “Act Church of Sweden”, where their collaboration and cooperation with other churches and organisations is at the core of the Church of Sweden’s international mission.Working with local organisations and churches they can contribute to long-term sustainable development in the context where member organisations operate.  Act Church of Sweden started with the Church of Sweden Mission, formed in 1874 and the local branch of the Lutheran World Relief in 1947. Today, international work is fully integrated into the Church.

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