Maintain our Heritage

Maintain our Heritage


Maintain our Heritage is a group of building conservation campaigners, academics and others who first came together in 1997, having all realized how UK building conservation had become focused on rescuing historic buildings in advance states of decay, rather than preventing them from decay through appropriate and timely maintenance.  Their work includes mostly advocacy and awareness, as well as conducting preservation projects.



The organization advocates for maintenance to be given its proper place in conservation policy. They try to influence the policies of a wide range of organisations including Historic England (HE), Historic Environment Scotland (HES), Cadw and the Northern Ireland Executive, The Heritage Lottery Fund, and The Health & Safety Executive


The organization organises schemes with Church of England Dioceses to make it easier for parishes to get help with maintaining their churches.  They also organise special one-off maintenance events for local authorities, usually in connection with a Townscape Heritage Initiative.  They also focus on more specific issues such as keeping a record of incidents in which parts of badly-maintained buildings fall into the street.


Maintain Our heritage organizes an event called Maintenance days which includes a presentation by a Maintain speaker to local residents and businesses about the importance of maintenance, illustrated by examples from the locality; an illustrated handout for all participants; and a walkabout immediately afterwards, pointing out the problems in the area to participants, assisted by the use of high-level CCTV to show maintenance and repair problems at high levels not normally visible from the ground.

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