Maintain our Heritage

Maintain our Heritage

Maintain our heritage is a non-profit UK-based organisation encouraging historic building maintenance.

It was formed by a group of building conservation campaigners, academics and others who first came together in 1997, with the goal of preventing UK buildings from decay through appropriate maintenance.

Some years later and in order to see the viability or their ideas, they held their first pilot maintenance inspection service in Bath area, which was the first maintenance inspection service for buildings in the UK. Some historic buildings were inspected by The Pilot and afterwards the owners were given a full document of maintenance instructions and priorities, in order to keep the building well conserved. The Pilot was a success, proving that such a service was viable in every aspect.

These activities carried out by Maintain our Heritage are:


Advocating for maintenance to be given its place in conservation policy, trying to influence organisations like; Historic England, The Heritage Lottery Fund or The Health & Safety Executive agency.


Along with the Church of England, they created the ‘Gutter Clear Scheme‘, which helps owners of historic buildings find a maintenance contractor in an easy way, in order to examine the maintenance conditions of the buildings and create guidelines for improving it.

The scheme is open to places of worship of all faiths and denominations.


Maintain our Heritage organises maintenance events for local authorities in order to train them in maintenance issues, followed by practical demonstrations. These courses are personalised and individually designed for each building type.

More information available on their website.

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