Asociatia Pentru Turism Bucovina

Asociatia Pentru Turism Bucovina


Asociatia Pentru Turism Bucovina was established in 2001 in Romania. Is a joint initiative between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Suceava County; the Ministry of Tourism; the public administration and all local tourism agents. The association operates in the Bucovina region of Romania, famous for its painted churches and fortified monasteries.



The organization offers courses on raising awareness of accessibility issues in partner regions, raising awareness among tourism SMEs about accessible tourism, long-term transformation of SMEs in the tourism sector into accessible SMEs, developing a tourism training accessible by partners in their region, and raising awareness of the employment of people with disabilities in the tourism sector.


This is an initiative for developing innovative methods for students and employers to improve their skills in the vocational field to increase motivation in the business sector as well as in the educational environment in the sense of deepening foreign languages.  It also promotes the use of e-learning materials in the study of foreign languages.  It offers teacher education and training in foreign languages.  It is also an organization of working groups, workshops for exchange of good practices in the field of language learning in the vocational system project partners.


The aim of this project is to promote accessible tourism through the involvement of small and medium-sized tourism companies. The program was initiated under the Erasmus + program.


The aim of this project is to transfer the know-how and examples of good practice in the field of vocational education, using the Tourism Energy Manager qualification. One of the goals is to create an e-learning platform, that will be free for all interested parties potential end-users alike: teachers, managers, hotel staff, etc.

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