Kriegsheimkehrer mahnen

Kriegsheimkehrer mahnen


The association, Veterans Memorial, focuses on securing the preservation of the memorial site of the Veterans Appreciation church in Bochum-Weitmar with the integrated museum (“crypt”) as its long term project.  The organisation is committed to the culture of remembrance of veterans who have built the Church of Appreciation with the crypt as a memorial to the victims of the war and as a memorial for peace and reconciliation among all peoples. In addition to the special national importance of this site, the association places this culture in a larger European and international context and helps it materially and ideally to international importance. The European and international activities of the association promote intercultural cooperation and an understanding of one another. The museum’s work is particularly aimed at keeping the memory of the common German and European history alive, as well as reducing historical prejudices in the sense of strengthening the European spirit and the European idea.



The renovation, redesign and redesign of the memorial within the integrated museum in the crypt of the Church of Appreciation was accomplished thanks to numerous donations in the period of 2016-2017.  Now, the museum exhibits items donated to the museum by veterans over decades, as well as numerous other exhibits.


They organise different tours and events to the church and the crypt. As well as, special tours for students and youth groups all year round.  They also organise special exhibitions, commemorative events as well as cultural and musical events.

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