Kriegsheimkehrer mahnen

Kriegsheimkehrer mahnen

Kriegsheimkehrer mahnen is a non-profit organisation created in 2016 in the City of Bochum, Germany. Nowadays, the association is run by only volunteers.

The association ‘Kriegsheimkehrer mahnen!’ feels beholden to the commemorative culture of the war returnees after World War II who built the church. Following generations sought to be remembered: the right of freedom and human dignity cannot be taken for granted. Awareness of this right has always to be revived and maintained (cf. EU Charter of Fundamental Rights). It is the aim of the association to proclaim this spirit on a transnational and European context and to promote it further by events of shared remembrance.

A museum is located in the crypt. Numerous objects are shown there which were formed in the camps. Furthermore, impressive paintings and drawings from the everyday life of the camp inmates as well as a reproduction of the so-called ‘Madonna of Stalingrad’ are exposed.

Regarding future activities: The sponsored purchase of a modern media station will extend the attractiveness of the site and the museum as well as the possibilities of a conceptual work in particular with audiences of younger people. Furthermore, we will be looking for partners with a view to develop and realise meta-theming concepts.

A special focus on the museum didactic will be set on the  European dimension of the peace and reconciliation message of the war returnees by promoting the site and the activities of the association in the context of European remembrance projects. Given our association’s commitment to the global dimension of the returnees‘ heritage we will pursue another prestigious project with a Belgian- Russian media company which consists in producing a film dedicated to fates of war returnees, not only the World War soldiers, but also victims of modern wars, incl. refugees from the Middle East.

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