Het Orgel in Vlaanderen (The Organ in Flanders)

Het Orgel in Vlaanderen (The Organ in Flanders)

The association “The Organ in Flanders” was founded in 1990 to promote the cultural heritage of organs in Flanders. The organisation wants to promote, revalue, and make organ heritage accessible and known to the general public. Their main goal is to introduce people of all ages to the organ.

They cover the entire range of organ culture, from the instruments to the players.  Their activities involve spreading awareness of organ culture, facilitating opportunities for young organists, and ultimately keeping organ culture alive in Flanders.  They are very active in organising public events around organ culture and keeping people up to date on the latest news and information.  “The Organ in Flanders” is a partner of Herita, Interpret Europe, and the Flanders Music Council.



In 2005, The Organ in Flanders launched its website. It also operates a quarterly information sheet on Flemish organ culture in close collaboration with “Spatial Planning and Heritage”.


One of the most important achievements of the non-profit organisation is the organisation of the Day of the Organ, with free organ concerts, the distribution of postcards with photos of Flemish historical instruments, and the publication of a membership magazine.  They also operate the organ on Open Monument Day, the biennial organisation of the Flemish Organ Days, which includes a competition for non-professional organists, various concerts, and courses.


Since 2004 it has maintained its own CD label with the name Vision-Air, in which the series “Flemish Organ Treasures” is released in collaboration with KLARA, a local Flemish radio station.


The non-profit organisation also provides advice and support to local projects that, through their activities.  They contributed to the opening up of the organ in the Elzenveld Congress Center.  In addition to this, an operation was started in 2015 in collaboration with Orgelkids in the Netherlands, whereby a mobile organ travels through Flanders to bring children into contact with traditional organs.  Also, educational study days are organised for organ teachers are organised annually in collaboration with the OVSG.

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