FRH UNITE: renewed EU support for Europe’s Religious Heritage

FRH UNITE: renewed EU support for Europe’s Religious Heritage

We are happy to share with you the news that for the second time FRH is selected as one of the EU Networks receiving financial support from the Creative Europe network grants. The European Commission has approved our grant proposal for FRH UNITE.

This will ensure that the Future for Religious Heritage network can continue operating for the next 3 years (January 2022 -December 2024), and sets out our key activities for the upcoming months, which include those aimed directly at the network’s members and general advocacy activities.

Among the main outcomes we expect from this new funding line are the creation of a European religious heritage database, two high-level international conferences and the launch of diverse awareness campaigns aimed at the general public.

One of the most ambitious goals for the upcoming years is the creation of the most comprehensive open repository dedicated to religious heritage in Europe. With this easy-to-use online platform, users will have free access to relevant information of all the different sites, the current condition of the buildings, the biodiversity of the land, the location of key places and items… In order to build this database, FRH network will work in cooperation with a group of digital heritage experts, academics and  civil society.

As part of its yearly agenda of activities, FRH will organise various training sessions, webinars, face-to-face meetings and international conferences to support its members. The main activities foreseen are the following:

For members: masterclasses with high-level professionals in various fields related to heritage; FRH Talks to analyse the sector’s burning issues and challenges; face to face meetings to allow members to meet each other and share good practices from a local perspective; and conferences to address the opportunities at a European scale level.

For the general public: awareness raising activities such as different competitions in line with previous campaigns as #JUMPFORHERITAGE or Run for Heritage and a survey to evaluate European citizen’s perspectives on religious heritage sites.

Advocacy: at the EU level, FRH will also ensure that the voice of the sector is properly represented in the European Union and internationally. This will be done by supporting relevant conferences and events, and dissemination of member activities and events.

FRH Unite will certainly enable the further development and growth of FRH as the EU’s only non-faith, non-for-profit, international network in the field of religious heritage. The above activities and projects also give FRH the perfect opportunity to help the sector to be recognised for its contributions to culture, tourism, and international cooperation. Because in order to safeguard and promote our patrimony we need a strong and united voice and at the present time we are the voice of religious heritage in Europe.

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