Forderkreis Alte Kirchen e.V. (Marburg)

Forderkreis Alte Kirchen e.V. (Marburg)


The Förderkreis Alte Kirchen Berlin-Brandenburg eV (FAK) has set itself the task of promoting the maintenance, repair and use of church buildings. It was founded in 1990 as a non-profit and voluntary association. It is independent of the church and focuses solely on preservation. The support group finances its work from donations, membership fees, the sale of its own publications, and the proceeds from its own events.  The FAK has over 633 members (427 personal members, 129 associations, 69 church congregations or circles and 8 companies).  They work together with the approximately 300 local funding associations in Brandenburg, as well as with parishes and with both church and state authorities. In several cases, they founded associations. They advise, network, establish contacts with monument preservation institutions, ministries, sponsors, foundations etc., moderate planning talks, finance damage reports, arrange benefit concerts etc.



One of their tasks is to collect donations and pass them on. In 2018, they were able to pass on project grants and earmark donations in the amount of more than 130,000 euros, which in the vast majority of cases enabled co-financing to raise additional funds. In addition, the FAK was able to acquire or broker significant funds through its regional advisors, which were passed on directly to church congregations or support associations. Since its foundation, the FAK has been able to provide around 1.7 million euros in direct project grants.


The project “Open Churches” has been a focus of the association’s work since 1999.  Its basic idea is that the village churches also need the attention and support of more tourists from the cities. The churches can become a meeting point where the hosts present their efforts for the church and the guests learn that the “place” village church is something that is part of their history. Interested communities will be provided with information signs with the logo shown on the left.


The booklet “Open Churches: Explore the Mark Brandenburg ” which, in addition to the addresses of the approximately 1000 participating churches, contains numerous articles on history, art history, monument preservation, the problems, and opportunities in maintaining village churches. The booklet is printed with a generous design and has a circulation of almost 10,000 copies. It is distributed through numerous churches, parish offices, bookstores, and tourist centers in Berlin and Brandenburg.


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