Addoldai Cymru Welsh Religious Buildings Trust

Addoldai Cymru Welsh Religious Buildings Trust


Addoldai Cymru (Welsh Religious Buildings Trust) is a charity set up to take into ownership a selection of chapels that are historically and/or architecturally significant to the story of chapel building and non-conformity in Wales and that are valuable to their local communities.

Their main goal is to protect and sensitively develop a small number of Wales’ chapel buildings  They currently own eight chapels from a variety of denominations located across Wales. They aim to tell the story of Welsh chapels from their humble beginnings to becoming the building type described as the “national architecture of Wales” and to create an important legacy for the benefit of future generations.



Citizens can support the organization’s work by getting involved.  They will work with other volunteers, Trustees, and staff to create a friendly environment for visitors, to care for their chapels and to support the use of their buildings for the benefit of the local community. They hold various events at their buildings and welcome any support that they can get.


The Trust believes all chapels are important, not only to individual congregations and chapel owners, but to the wider communities and to the Welsh nation as a whole.  The Trust aims to provide guidance that will help congregations and chapel owners make positive changes to promote and encourage the preservation and appreciation of  their chapel buildings, whether the buildings are being used for their original purpose or not, and to advise on their conservation.

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