CRAFT association – Spazio Kor

CRAFT association – Spazio Kor

Spazio Kor is one of the most important projects of CRAFT Association. This project was born in 2016 when the association transformed and restored the old and closed San Giuseppe di Asti church in Italy, to turn it into a multidisciplinary space, called Spazio Kor. The Space holds theatre shows figurative arts, events, meetings and all kinds of cultural new experiences.

 In these years Spazio Kor has become a model of good practices for the re-use of Religious Heritage space.

Spazio Kor is the perfect place to show or present a new cultural experience that can become a reference point for researchers and innovators. Their main goal is to engage a new kind of public into the contemporary vision of the theatre, where the religious architecture of the building dialogues with the identity of the community and contemporary creativity.

 In the space, we can find an amazing theatre set up, where they believe in a new and contemporary idea of showing the magic and values of the theater work. During 2017 they organise two artist residences called “Call Signals”. One of them was by Jacopo Valsania and Chiara Poletti, which consisted of four large revolving lenses placed in the theatre garden. The second one was, “Barricata” a project by Jessica Koba and Andrea Fasano, that it was based on the idea of creating a functionally unique setting for the foyer, mainly using recycled materials. 

Another innovative part of the project, that is located within the space is the Museo “La Macchina delle Illusioni”, consisting of a series of interactive installations inviting the visitor to learn real operations, techniques, and technologies, used in the making of a theatrical set up.

Therefore, we can say that Spazio Kor, is a lab of ideas where young and passionate people can discover the power and tricks of the theatre industry by enjoying and experiences the activities that Spazio Kor offers.

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