Klosterland is a non-profit organisation created in 2013, to establish trans-regional, cross-border cooperation among abbeys and promote the preservation and revitalisation of monastic heritage.

Under the Klosterland umbrella, members also present their offerings as well as network products, like exhibitions, concerts, events and information media.

As a monastic network, the monasteries receive advice in different fields. They have experts with an abundance of knowledge, experience and case studies at their disposal that can help member organisations for guidance and consultations.

The member organisations, are mainly located in Germany and northwest of Poland.

  • Marketing: The organisation conducts press and publicity for the members. They create marketing activities for cultural tourism products and facilities knowledge exchange between the member organisations.
  • Monastic culture: Their main focus in on monastic culture. They develop activities and educative offers for its members.
  • Products: They also develop products that help to generate revenue for financing cultural work and function as representatives for the organisation.

They usually organise meetings for networks of monasteries within German-speaking countries and provide stakeholders with the opportunity to get to know each other, enabling professional exchange and mutual inspiration to create projects in collaboration.

Among their customers, they have 3 target groups:

  • Members: Here we can locate institutions, local councils, and associations.
  • Visitors: Every person interested in the sector considered as, cultural tourists, spiritual tourists, people on pilgrimages, students and curious people.
  • Experts: Mainly formed by academics, tourist organisations, and religious orders.

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