500 Years of Jewish Life in Venice

500 Years of Jewish Life in Venice

The New York Times published a reportage on Jewish heritage in the stunning city of Venice. The article is a rare, intimate and illuminating glimpse into Jewish history. With his inimitable storytelling genius, David Laskin explores the five synagogues that remain in the Venice Ghetto.

David Laskin is an American writer. He writes frequently for the New York Times Travel Section.

“Though you can still see the recesses in the walls where the hinges of the portals once hung, the Venice ghetto has not been a prison since Napoleon seized the city and tore down the gates in 1797. Today, no barrier or signpost marks where Venice ends and its ghetto begins. Cross a canal on an arched bridge, duck through a sottoportego (an alley tunneling through a building), disappear down a vent in the urban fabric — you come and go just like everywhere else in the maze of this island city…”

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