UK: Advice to reduce number of metal thefts

UK: Advice to reduce number of metal thefts

Advice issued to churches to reduce number of metal thefts From Lancashire Telegraph

After a wave of metal theft, Diocese bosses and police have issued guidance to Lancashire churches. Their checklist of safety tips include:

  • reporting suspicious activity, security lighting and using alternative metals. emergency line 999 or report lesser incidents on the 101 non-emergency number;

  • Avoid leaving anything lying around that could be used to help a thief, for example ladders

  • Make it difficult for thieves to move stolen goods by storing wheelbarrows and wheelie bins securely.;

  • Consider anti-vandal paint and property marking;

  • Use alternative materials to lead for any repairs – to reduce the risk of becoming a target for thieves;

  • Regularly check your roofs so that any theft is found before it rains and further damage is caused; and

  •  Consider installing security lighting, particularly at roof level where metal roof coverings are present.

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