The Netherlands & UK: Recent press coverage on extended and reuse of religious heritage

The Netherlands & UK: Recent press coverage on extended and reuse of religious heritage

As it is important to get the message out, here are some updates on national press coverage from just before Christmas in the Netherlands and the UK about the developments around extended use and reuse of churches. The press coverage itself might already be a bit older, but the topic itself, as you know, in no way is.

Along with the broad media attention that the newly launched church inventory site of the Museum Catherijneconvent got mid-December, there was more press coverage around religious heritage in the Netherlands in the days leading up to Christmas. The Dutch national news broadcasting, NOS, devoted an item to it in their main tv bulletin on December 22nd (published as article with the tv news item included). On the same day in the morning, the national radio station BNR broadcasted an interview with among others Lilian Grootswagers, FRH council member, about the need to think about and discuss the destiny of churches in a secularised society.

The following evening, December 23rd, the current affairs national tv show, EO Arena, had organised a debate titled ‘Ontkerkeling: Zegen of vloek?‘ (EN: Secularisation. Blessing or curse?).

In the UK, it was The Guardian that mid-December brought the topic of churches’ use once again to the fore after having published the public letter by FRH President Olivier de Rohan-Chabot end of October. The article titled ‘Christmas disco under gaze of angels as listed churches are put to new use‘ report about the work of the Churches Conservation Trust, also member of FRH.

We are very happy that FRH and other religious heritage organisations all over Europe are more and more able to attract attention to our common topic. Let’s continue our work and make the much needed public awareness grow further and further!

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