SWEDEN – 625 million for religious heritage conservation

SWEDEN – 625 million for religious heritage conservation

The Swedish budget for the conservation of religious heritage will amount to SEK 625 million (ca. 70 million Euros) for 2015, the Church of Sweden writes in a press release. SEK 460.000.000 is expected to be granted by the parliament, as it was before.

Henrik Lindblad says that this compensation is absolutely critical to the preservation, use and development of the ecclesiastical cultural heritage. The Church of Sweden prioritizes long-term planning of care and maintenance activities. Just over 26 percent of the budget will be spent on renovation measures, versus 25 percent of health care interventions-recurring items, 13 percent for injury prevention and safety prevention and 14 percent for the preservation of primarily equipment, such as textiles.

Read the full press release in Swedish here.


Foto: Linda Mickelsson/IKON

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