SKIVRE Project Meeting in Bulgaria, May 6-8, 2019

SKIVRE Project Meeting in Bulgaria, May 6-8, 2019

The 2nd SKIVRE meeting was held in Bankya, Bulgaria, with the participation of FRH and SKIVRE project partners. The meeting featured working sessions on the SKIVRE training modules as well as study visits to three monasteries; two of which are involved in the production of monastic products.

Group picture in the Kremikovtsi Monastery of Saint George

The meeting started on the 6th, with a working session dedicated to reflecting on the development of the Training Scheme and Digital Training Platform. This was followed by presentations on the training modules, including an analysis of methodology and content. The second day of the meeting continued with a session on the modules and the agreement of action points and next steps towards the testing phase of the project modules.

After the morning work session, SKIVRE partners had a chance to conduct a study visit to the Kremikovtsi Monastery of Saint George, where they were kindly welcomed by the Igumen (Abott) and a team member working with the monastery shop. This offered a unique chance to see the magnificent frescoes, as well as learn about the various activities the monastery is carrying out, and their focus on quality, organic production and employment opportunities for the local population. After the meetings, the group visited the picturesque Divotinski Monastery in the small village of Divotino, where partners had a chance to talk with a monk, who gave an in-depth explanation of icon interpretation and symbolism.

Giginski Monastery

On the third and final day of the meeting, SKIVRE partners visited the Giginski Monastery, production site of yogurt, cheese, and various animal products, where they met various monks, who gave them a comprehensive overview of monasteries in Bulgaria, their production activities, and the challenges and opportunities they are facing. A unique feature regarding production is their herd of buffalo, a special Bulgarian breed, and the wonderful yogurt which is the final result. The day ended with a visit to the Cathedral in Sofia.

Overall, this second SKIVRE meeting provided partners with a fresh perspective, renewed insight and an invaluable experience regarding monastic production, which will no doubt contribute to the development of sucessful training modules.

We would like to thank our partner INI-Novation Bulgaria for hosting us and to all partners for the great presentations and discussions.

Giginski Monastery shop

How can I learn more?

-Visit the SKIVRE website

-Download the SKIVRE project flyer here

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