mobile technology for religious heritage sites
from FRH Europe


Religiana aims to become the reference site in religious heritage providing visitors with accurate information on opening hours, contact details and historical information on the religious heritage site.

Religiana is free to use; adding a building to the site can be done easily and independently through the website, meaning that Religiana can grow organically and authentically.

The ongoing aim for Religiana is to:

  • Promote churches as centres of the local community and history
  • Increase donations to places of worship
  • Provide the factual foundation for a convincing ‘Case for Churches’

To do this, the web platform will:

Provide the general public with on-line multilingual information about:

  • Churches and other religious buildings, their history, architecture and contents
  • Contact information to help facilitate visits
  • Opening hours
  • Church trails and pilgrimages

Help managers of buildings and associated NGOs to:

  • Promote the interests or uses of their church or NGO
  • Build virtual communities of interested individuals
  • Advertise donation needs and ways for users to contribute to the upkeep of the building, whilst offering, where possible, the relevant tax benefits

Develop a single source of accurate, up to date information about Europe’s religious heritage, in order to:

  • Permit its systematic promotion to visitors via e.g. tour operators or guidebooks
  • Provide factual evidence of the sector’s economic and social value

Adding your building to Religiana will enable you to:

  • Access an audience of potential visitors from across Europe
  • Take advantage of our translation service to provide information in multiple languages
  • Collect donations and support through advertising your needs on the platform

Find it on and try it on, your smartphone, PC or tablet.

We work in partnership with local and national organisations to gather information and ensure that the quality of the material is of the highest standard.

If you would like to work with us or contribute to the project, please get in touch at

© Religiana is developed by FRH in partnership with national/regional partners