FRH Inform

FRH Inform

Providing an overview of religious heritage in Europe

FRH Inform is a project that researches the state of religious heritage sites on a Europe-wide scale. We base this study on concrete data gathered in profiles of each European country. We wish to make this syllabus a reference database for all those concerned about religious heritage.


For each country, we categorise the number of religious buildings, their type, financing, and ownership. These categories are completed, country by country, with the help of academic partners.

A key focus is to obtain both qualitative and quantitative data. Setting a methodology and contributing a small set of data will lead to the research being replicated by other stakeholders.


FRH Inform has an academic team of more than 20 researchers from 14 different countries, who offer their advice and expertise for the development and improvement of the factsheets.



If you would like to share data that could contribute to this database,
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