Press release: EUROPETOUR

Press release: EUROPETOUR

EuropeTour concludes on 31st August 2018 with nine training modules for providers of cultural tourism.

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Empowering rural areas to harvest the potential of cultural tourism

Nine training modules for providers of cultural tourism launched to support the economic development of rural cultural tourism. 

In cooperation between FRH and 15 European experts, nine training units for providers of cultural tourism products and services in rural areas were created. Herewith, the European initiative EUROPETOUR supports the economic development of rural cultural tourism.

Who: Future for Religious Heritage (FRH)/ non-profit, non-religious organisation, EuropeTour partners

What: EuropeTour initiative – empowering rural cultural tourism

When: Started December 2015, concluding 31st August 2018.

Where: Multiplier events across Europe


Over the past three years, the EUROPETOUR initiative has developed a modular training programme for cultural and touristic actors and institutions in rural areas, in order to meet the needs and wishes of guests interested in culture even better and to better seize the opportunities offered by social media. It is about destination characterization, development and positioning of touristic products and services, marketing strategy and planning, distribution and sales channels, communication strategy and planning, networking and cooperation, financial planning, and development of a business plan.

The training modules are available free of charge in English, German, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Italian and Polish at the project website and the website and are already being successfully used for training in eight European regions.

Social media as a focal point of training in cultural tourism

Separate “Guidelines for Social Media in Rural Cultural Tourism” provide practical tips for the successful use of social media in rural cultural tourism and evaluate success factors of already existing good examples from all over Europe. For FRH members, this guide is particularly important: “Social media in particular can be of great help in attracting and satisfying guests, but we need in-depth knowledge for professional use, which EUROPETOUR now provides us with”.

Training modules for the European tourism market

In addition to Future for Religious Heritage the European regions and countries Bukovina (Romania), Bulgaria, Heilbronner Land (Germany), Cantabria (Spain), the Marche (Italy) the German cultural tourism network KIRA for Heilbronn-Franken, the German-Polish network “Klosterland” and the Austrian network “Kreativ Reisen Österreich” contributed to the development.

FRH is proud to have participated in the development of the training units, “because we were able to bring in experience from our network members situated in regions all over Europe and thus ensure that the training units start exactly where we need further training and can immediately apply it in practice,” says Lilian Grootswagers, honorary secretary of the Council of FRH.

The EUROPETOUR initiative has been awarded the European Cultural Heritage Year Label by the European Commission – an award for projects promoting the preservation of cultural heritage. “We are proud the project has been granted the European Year label and is an additional contribution of FRH to the European Year of Cultural heritage.”



Visit the EuropeTour website to learn more, and join FRH on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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