FRH will present at ‘Religious Cultural Heritage in Change’ symposium

FRH will present at ‘Religious Cultural Heritage in Change’ symposium

FRH will be presenting at the symposium ‘Religious Cultural Heritage in Change – Using and refunctioning of material and immaterial religious heritage in Europe‘, which will take place at Neuzelle Abbey in Brandenburg, Germany this upcoming 5-6 October 2018. Registration is open until September 24th, 2018 at

“Throughout Europe, it is material and immaterial records originating from religious practice which are considered part of the cultural heritage. They often convey a sense of identity which has been carried over well into the secular societies of the 21st century. Churches and monasteries, although disused, are rarely demolished. Objects of religious importance find their way into exhibitions and museums. Customs and rituals become part of touristic experiences. This begs the question of how the essence of the religious heritage in these contexts may be communicated in different European nations. It is therefore the goal of this symposium to bring together stakeholders and experts from all over Europe with their different perspectives on religious heritage, in order to get the discussion going.”

The symposium, starting Friday the 5th of October and concluding on Saturday the 6th of October, will include presentations from a wide range of organisations, as well as a tour around the monastery. The starting keynote presentation on Friday, by Dr. Thomas Drachenberg (Brandenburg office for historic preservation and archaeological state museum), will focus on preservation and reuse when religious tradition is discontinued.

On Saturday morning, there will be three presentations on preserving heritage, by Prof. Dr. Cyprian Rogowski (University Warminsko-Mazurski in Olsztynie, Poland), Pilar Bahamonde, FRH Council member (Sociedad Regional Educación, Cultura y Deporte, Spain) and Wolfgang Brandis (Kloster Wienhausen, Germany).

In the afternoon, the presentations will center the attention on striving for shared goals, highlighting the role of European Networks. They will include Hermann Paschinger from Klösterreich (Straß im Straßertale, Austria), Lilian Grootswagers, FRH Council Secretary (Brussels, Belgium) and Stefan Beier from Klosterland (Kloster Lehnin, Germany).

This symposium offers a unique opportunity to bring together various enriching perspectives on religious heritage, and further the dialogue surrounding preservation and reuse in Europe.

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