Ohrozene Kostoly

Ohrozene Kostoly

Ohrozene Kostoly or Religious Heritage at Risk is a volunteer, non-profit, non-governmental civil association registered at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Slovak Republic. Their aim is to recognise the big problem of under-using historical places of worship and to offer solutions, advice, searching ways to reuse and find grants and funds for restoration.

The organisation also offers countrywide support for local community initiatives and organisations caring for religious heritage, offering them a platform to share and talk with church institutions, municipalities and authorities.

Their main activities are:

  • Helping local people/organisation/initiatives with their places of worship in danger
  • Negotiating with municipalities, churches, authorities, sponsors,
  • Research in the field under-using historical places of worship
  • Documentation of historical places in danger to after design architectural projects of restoration
  • Maintaining also movable heritage and archives
  • Finding funds

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