Ars Civilis Foundation

Ars Civilis Foundation

Ars Civilis is a non-profit organisation founded in 2008.  It is based in Spain but operates on a worldwide basis. They work for cities and people.They believe in the importance of finding synergies between tradition and innovation so that people and cities can give heritage the importance it deserves.

Their main goals are:

  • To encourage and support surveys and reports that may be used to bolster research and innovation.
  • To contribute to the sustainable development and preservation of natural and cultural heritage.
  • To promote and create networks of experts for research and the diffusion of knowledge.

Currently, they are working on a project called “Europe Tree” whose goal is to raise awareness about the principles of European civilisation. It is a cross-media project designed to implement these principles, which have been merged and strengthened throughout its history.

They are based in Lorca, in the province of Murcia in the south-west of Spain. This region suffered a tremendous earthquake in 2011, that destroyed much of the region’s cultural heritage. Since then, Ars Civilis has been very involved in a different project that helps with the rehabilitation of several neighbourhoods around the region.

Their main focuses are divided into five different areas. These focuses include: cultural industries and heritage, urban strategies, innovation, and the dissemination of knowledge,education, and training.

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