Friends of Friendless Churches

Friends of Friendless Churches

Friends of friendless churches is a British charity that operates mainly in the areas of England and Wales. It was created in July 1957 and nowadays they have more than 2.500 members.

The charity rescues, repairs and campaigns for historic churches of architectural and historic importance threatened with demolition, decay or unsympathetic conversion. They are independent and non-denominational, currently caring for over fifty former places of worship across England and Wales and taking on a least two more each year. They believe these buildings are their greatest architectural legacy and should be respected and enjoyed as such. Their work is sustained by local volunteers who are the guardians of these places, and use them for concerts, exhibitions, supper clubs, beer festivals, folk festivals and as community centres.

Maintaining and repairing churches is a considerable financial challenge. They rely on the generosity of their members and on the willingness of groups of local Friends to fundraise and to act as their eyes and ears.

St Baglan, Llanfaglan

Over the next five years they will continue to rescue, campaign for and repair redundant churches and promote best conservation practice. They will broaden physical and intellectual access to, and enjoyment of, their churches. They will generate alternative, innovative uses for our churches, where possible and modernise and develop their organisation. This will range from negotiating funding to enable us to protect more churches to respond to the increase in church closures, developing their digital strategy using new digital technologies to transform how people enjoy and fund our churches, creating a volunteer network and recruiting new volunteers. It will involve reviewing our estate, developing a sustainable strategy for how we acquire churches. It will also involve partnering with national and regional organisations to use and promote our churches.

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