FRH Torch ceremony in Skopje

FRH Torch ceremony in Skopje

The FRH Torch of Heritage and Culture ceremony was held on 28 September during the event: ‘Valorisation of the Church St George in Kurbinovo from the XII Century as a Cultural Heritage Site on the Cultural Heritage Route in 2018’.

The FRH Torch ceremony took place during the event ‘Valorisation of the Church St George in Kurbinovo from the XII Century as a Cultural Heritage Site on the Cultural Heritage Route in 2018’ organised by FRH member the Makedonida Foundation at the EU info centre and the 15th-century Chifte Hammam in Skopje, Macedonia. The event was presented by the Minister of Culture, Mr Asaf Ademi, and featured numerous experts in conservation, symbolic interpretation, protection of cultural heritage and religious tourism. It also included the presence of Ambassadors of Spain, Italy, France and the cultural attachés of Germany and Romania.

The Torch ceremony was conducted by FRH Council Member Pilar Bahamonde at the start of the event. We are happy to include the personal testimonies given by six new Torch contributors, including; Mr Asaf Ademi, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia; Ms Frosina Jovcheska, Graduate student at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje; Mr Risto Paligora, Art Historian Conservator at the National Museum in Bitola, Macedonia; Dr Eleonora Petrova, Director of the Directorate for Protection of Cultural Heritage; Dr Risto Solunchev, Associate Professor Faculty of Philosophy, Skopje; and Dr Pance Velcov, President of the Makedonida Foundation. You can now read their letters on our contributors section.

FRH thanks all contributors for adding their memories and stories to the legacy of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018!

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As Janet Gough OBE said in her letter: Our challenge is to create the conditions to sustain a working partnership of local and national support to preserve, use and develop these precious historic religious buildings to serve everyone now and for the future. FRH is truly hoping that the Initiative will motivate European citizens to share their stories and raise awareness about the importance of religious heritage. Because, as Henrik Lindblad concludes in his letter, We can never promote and inform enough about the values of historic churches. The importance of safeguarding, documenting and studying these very fragile monuments should always be emphasized.

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