The FRH Torch at the Hungarian Cultural Heritage Days in Budapest

The FRH Torch at the Hungarian Cultural Heritage Days in Budapest

The FRH Torch of Heritage and Culture was presented at the opening ceremony of the Hungarian Cultural Heritage Days in Budapest, Hungary, which took place on 14th September 2018.

The FRH Torch was invited by the office of the Prime Minister to join the opening ceremony of the Hungarian Cultural Heritage Days. These days offer the opportunity for citizens and visitors to enter buildings and monuments that are usually not open for public visits.

The opening event and FRH Torch ceremony took place in the magnificent Hungarian Parliament,  in a room next to the grand hall, where ceremonial guards perpetually safeguard the The Holy Crown, Sword and Sceptre of Hungary. Before the Torch ceremony, various manifestations of Hungarian cultural heritage were presented, featuring various traditional arts and crafts, including poety, equestrian arts, forestry, and many others. They reflected the diversity and richness of Hungarian cultural heritage, as well as a meaningful opening to the Heritage Days.

During the Torch ceremony, we are delighted to have received letters from six new contributors: Mr Bence Tuzson, Minister of State for Public Administration; Mr Gábor Földváry, Ministerial Commissioner for cultural heritage protection; Mr Imre Ritter, German nationality member of the Hungarian Parliament; Mr Mihály Ráday, President of Hungaria Nostra and of the Town Protection Association of Budapest; Mr Tamás Érdi, Prima Primissima Prize Piano Artist; Mr Zsolt Visy, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Archeology at the University of Pécs.

We thank organisers and contributors for inviting FRH and sharing their stories and memories on religious heritage with us and with Europe!

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As Janet Gough OBE said in her letter: Our challenge is to create the conditions to sustain a working partnership of local and national support to preserve, use and develop these precious historic religious buildings to serve everyone now and for the future. FRH is truly hoping that the Initiative will motivate European citizens to share their stories and raise awareness about the importance of religious heritage. Because, as Henrik Lindblad concludes in his letter, We can never promote and inform enough about the values of historic churches. The importance of safeguarding, documenting and studying these very fragile monuments should always be emphasized.

Do you agree? Would you like to support our Initiative? Will you add to our treasure box and share a memory? It’s so simple! Click here and send us your letter, which we will then publish on the FRH Torch website!

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