FRH to attend a European conference on cultural heritage and sustainable tourism

FRH to attend a European conference on cultural heritage and sustainable tourism

The Government of Cantabria, in collaboration with the Committee of the Regions, is organizing an international conference on cultural heritage and sustainable tourism.The event will take place in Santander on 30 April 2015. Lilian Grootswagers, FRH Council Secretary, will attend the conference.

The conference will bring together more than 100 elected representatives of EU cities and regions and representatives of national authorities, the European Commission and agencies, artists, university and business. A special focus will be on cultural heritage and natural resources seen as two significant pillars for sustainable tourism. The conference will consider alternatives and new visions to promote the economic value of cultural heritage and sustainable tourism by exchanging knowledge that is already being developed within a local and regional context and could be applied at a wider European level.

Among the speakers: Íñigo de la Serna (ES/PPE), major of Santander, Juan Ignacio Diego Palacios, president of Comunidad Autónoma de Cantabria, Joaquín Solanas, general director of Culture with Comunidad Autónoma de Cantabria and Yoomi Renström (SE/PSE), president of the SEDEC Commission (Committee of the Regions).

Sustainable tourism had as a significant impact on the strength of our economy and the lives of millions of European citizens. In this framework, FRH is now developing Religiana, a tool to help managers of churches to promote community use and church tourism by distributing basic information to an international standard.

Conference :“El patrimonio cultural y el turismo sostenible, una contribución clave al desarrollo local y regional”

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