Heritage Organisations Promote #JUMPFORHERITAGE

Heritage Organisations Promote #JUMPFORHERITAGE

The campaign #JUMPFORHERITAGE links sports and heritage, health, fun and awareness to bring joyful moments while showcasing Europe’s rich religious heritage. Participants are encouraged to add their own story in front of a religious heritage site, create a unique joyful moment, and capture it in a photo. #JUMPFORHERITAGE is an extension of FRH’s Torch initiative, a project collecting personal stories in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

Since this campaign was launched on 15 December, several cultural heritage organisations have supported us by promoting the campaign. This has been done through a variety of ways such as participating, submitting articles to local newspapers, and sharing the campaign on social media. With this amazing support, this campaign has been able to become very successful. Below we have listed a few examples of how organisations supported us.

Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken






Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken has been very supportive of the campaign. In addition to participating in the competition, submitting it to their local media, and promoting it on social media, they informed their audience about the campaign through a press release on their website.

Spazio Kor






Spazio Kor, our member from Asti, Italy both participated in the campaign and submitted the news about #JUMPFROHERITAGE to several local newspapers who promoted the campaign all around Italy. This article can be found here.








In addition to participating in the campaign, Klosterland shared our post on their Facebook account.









ENCATC has supported us by promoting the campaign in their newsletter.

Creative Europe








Creative Europe, the esteemed program of the European Commission has supported us as well through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Centro de Estudios Lebaniegos








The organisation of our President, Pilar Bahamonde, also did an excellent job at promoting the campaign in Spain through participation and a descriptive post on their Facebook account.

Abbayes de Normandie









One of our newest members, Abbayes de Normandie also helped promote the campaign in France through their Twitter account.







A Belgian based organisation dedicated to the protection of the religious heritage and art of the Wallonia region have promoted the campaign through weekly participation and an article on their website.








La Voix du Nord (the Voice of the North), a French newspaper, published an article about the campaign.









EU Sports, the European Commission’s social media outlet for sports-related news promoted the campaign via social media.









The Network of European Museums Organisation (NEMO) promoted the campaign multiple times on their social media.









Europa Nostra, one of Europe’s largest and well know heritage organisations share the campaign on their social media.






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