Fortified Churches Foundation

Fortified Churches Foundation

The Fortified Churches foundation was created in 2015 by the Evangelic Church of Augustan Confession in Romania, with the long term objective of preserving the religious and cultural heritage of the country.

Their main office is located in Sibiu, a city in Transylvania. Transylvania is famous for its over 160 fortified churches and their long story dating back to medieval times. Many of them have been maintained to these days and they are visible landmarks of many villages in across the regions.

To achieve their primary objective they develop several activities and nowadays they are focused on the following fields: 

  • Construction and preservation measures on the fortified churches and movable religious assets 
  • Conception wok and development of strategies 
  • Education programs 
  • Cultural and professionals events 
  • Professional tourism 
  • Fundraising 

The fortified churches develop these activities cooperating with regional and international partners. 

The foundation is assisted also by the Support Association which was founded in 2015 in Germany. The main goal of this association is to support the association financially but also to accompany projects and public relations activities in Germany. 

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