Fortified Churches Foundation

Fortified Churches Foundation


The Fortified Churches Foundation was established by the Evangelic Church of Augustan Confession in Romania in 2015 as an expert organisation dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of Romania’s Fortified Churches. The foundation works towards its goals through construction and preservation, education programs, public relations and advocacy, the organization of cultural and professional events, the development of professional tourism, and fundraising. It carries out these activities in close cooperation with regional and international partners. Patronage for the organisation comes from the presidencies of both Romania and Germany.




The organisation’s main objective is to save threatened fortifications and churches of Romania. This also includes their moveable religious heritage as well as parish houses, schools, or community centres also belonging to the church ensemble.

The planning and conservation measures carried out are always focused on each individual object and its necessities and in coordination with the responsible district consistories and representatives of the congregation. Their activities range from urgent security measures of the monument to maintenance and reparation works as well as conservation. The basis for everything done is a thorough documentation in form of an evaluation, photographs, drawings, and further research.


They are committed to the implementation, up-keeping, and sharing of knowledge in traditional methods and techniques which were used to build the fortified churches in the past. Knowledge of these methods and the preservation of monuments, in general, are passed on to craftsmen, castle guardians, curators, caretakers, and other interested groups. In this way, they support the people who deal with the churches and fortifications on a daily basis and thus contribute substantially to their preservation. Their projects are also supported by architects, restorers, archaeologists and other experts.


The Foundation works towards increasing the professional tourism of the local region surrounding these fortified churches. They do this through tourism education in the local communities as well as operating their own tours. Their tours are tailor-made to accommodate specific group interests, accommodation needs, and feature educational opportunities about the buildings and their environs.

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