EYCH2018: Join the Private Heritage Week and open your private chapel!

EYCH2018: Join the Private Heritage Week and open your private chapel!

Are you a private chapel owner? Would you like to join a Europe-wide initiative organised by the European Historic Houses Association in partnership with FRH?


Private owners of historic buildings across Europe will open their doors and/or organise special activities between 24 and 27 May. Why? The Private Heritage Week aims at raising awareness on the contribution of private owners of heritage buildings to society, fostering exchanges between owners/managers and the public, increasing synergies with the living arts and promoting public engagement, especially the young generation.


Across the continent private families care for many thousands churches, chapels, historic houses, castles, manors and their surroundings: a tangible memory of our European culture that connects us with our past and provides context and guidance in our lives and reaffirms our identities.


This year, you can open your chapel and organise any activity to highlight what matters to you most. The European Year of Cultural Heritage is our chance to change the narrative surrounding private owners and highlight their contribution to society! We are counting on you!

Contact us at kasia.koniecka@frh-europe.org and we will coordinate your participation in this great initiative!






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