2018 Paris

With the patronage of the French ministry of Culture

Religious Heritage – Europe’s Legacy for the Future
11-13 October 2018, Paris


Europe’s religious heritage is facing unprecedented threats due to changing patterns of society, worship and population. Much is being done to adapt to a world that is increasingly secular, pluri-religious and global. However, despite extensive popular support, many religious buildings and their contents suffer from neglect, abandonment or destruction. A real debate on the future of Europe’s religious heritage – a lasting legacy for EYCH 2018 – is essential.

Join us in Paris, for FRH next biennial conference on 11-13 October 2018, where expert speakers will discuss:

  • Cultural, community, economic and environmental importance of Europe’s religious heritage
  • Role of NGOs in conservation, management, re-use and promotion of places of worship
  • Examples of good practices throughout Europe
  • Measures for European institutions, national governments and politicians

Registration for the conference will be opening in July.