Eigenbetrieb Kloster Bronnbach (Management of Bronnbach Abbey)

Eigenbetrieb Kloster Bronnbach (Management of Bronnbach Abbey)


The Management of Bronnbach Abbey is an independent organization dedicated to the preservation of Bronnbach abbey.  Founded in 1986, the organization offers comprehensive cultural programs, in the former Cistercian Abbey of Bronnbach.  These events include concerts, lectures, workshops, and more.  In addition, the monastery is also used as a conference, education and seminar venue. Lastly, various tours are offered in Bronnbach . The marketing and coordination of the cultural program and the guided tours are among the tasks of the in-house operation.



The Bursariat, formerly the seat of the monastery administration, has been converted into a comfortable hotel with 17 rooms and up to 50 beds . The also renovated Orangerie is operated as a public restaurant and Klostercafe.


Bronnbach offers guided tours and cultural programs, for people that are involved and interested in the religious heritage field. They also give face to face advice to monastery owners that need help of develop their activities, but they also offer an online platform where members can find information and advice in a wide range of areas.

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