Din L-art Helwa

Din L-art Helwa

Din L-art Helwa is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation created in 1965 to safeguard and protect the historic, natural and artistic patrimony of Malta. Since the organisation was founded, it has restored and managed several buildings with strong historic and environmental importance.

Some ongoing projects are; the Delimara Lighthouse, Tal-Hniena Church in Qrendi, St. Anthony’s Battery in Qala, and maintenance works on Dwejra Tower, among others. Din l-Art Helwa also manages the il-Majjistral Nature and History Park together with the NGOs Gaia Foundation, Nature Trust and Foresta 2000 afforestation site together with Birdlife Malta and the Ministry for Rural Affairs.

The central organisation of Din l-Art Helwa is operated by an Executive Council of nine which includes the Executive President, Vice-President, Honorary Treasurer, and Honorary Secretary-General. The General Council consists of the Executive Council and 14 other members.

An important landmark that has been restored is Our Lady of Victory Church in Valleta, the first church built in the city of Valleta around 1566. Due to the deterioration the church suffered over the years, both to its structure and to the paintings, they decided to restore it and bring it back to life. In the year 2000, a joint project was set up between Din-l-Art Helwa, the Valleta Rehabilitation Project and the Museums Department to carry out restoration work on the structure and the paintings, concluding the  restoration work in 2004.

Besides religious heritage buildings, the organisation has restored several towers, like the Xlendi Tower and the Isopo Tower.

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